8th Grade Promotion Activities

Dear Korematsu Families,

8th Grade Promotion to High School is fast approaching, and so are our celebration events! Attached is a flyer that explains the remaining activities.

For those who have already signed up to help, thank you! For those who haven’t, there are still a few open slots that need your assistance. In particular, help is still needed tying ribbons to fake diplomas (we need to make 300 or so “fake” certificates this coming weekend), as well as a few volunteers to help pass out certificates after the ceremony. Contact Jenny Han (jentohan@gmail.com) if you have questions regarding either tasks.

Please note there will be a light reception immediately following the Promotion Ceremony. This will be a great opportunity for students to say farewell and take memorable pictures in a decorated photo area.

Please contact either Rula Craner at rula_craner@yahoo.com OR Negar Souza at thesouzafamily@comcast.net with any questions.


Thank you,
Rula & Negar

8th Grade Promotion Activities 2018