KMS Scavenger Hunt 2021

Korematsu Middle School
Scavenger Hunt
October 23rd, 10am – 12 noon. All hunt locations on a 2 mile loop around the school area. See attached pdf for details on places to hunt for. Bring the whole family!

Raise Money! It’s easy!Sign up your family to pledge a donation here:
Volunteer at the Event
Sign up to man a station on the scavenger hunt! Bring a friend! Only 2.5 hours on a Saturday!

Escuela secundaria Korematsu
Búsqueda de tesoros

23 de octubre, de 10 a 12 h.
Todos los lugares de caza en un circuito de 2 millas alrededor del área de la escuela.
Consulte el pdf adjunto para obtener detalles sobre los lugares para buscar. ¡Trae a toda la familia!

¡Recauda dinero! ¡Es fácil!
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Voluntario en el evento
¡Regístrese para manejar una estación en la búsqueda del tesoro! ¡Traer un amigo! ¡Solo 2,5 horas un sábado!
¡No les muestre el mapa a sus hijos! ¡Les daremos fotos de lugares para encontrar!

Nightmare on Puberty Street!

Hello Parents of our 7th grade students – 

As part of the mandated instruction of comprehensive health education, Korematsu has partnered with Kaiser Permanente to bring Nightmare on Puberty Street to all 7th grade students. Nightmare on Puberty St. is an age-appropriate web series about four middle school students on their journey through adolescence. As the characters wrestle with the question “Am I normal?” they learn to cope with the changes affecting their bodies and minds. The frank and sometimes funny program shows students how to cope with many of the issues of puberty, including how to handle pressure to be sexually active, how to build self-esteem, and where to find help if faced with feelings of depression or thoughts of suicide. After the web series and a follow-up livestreamed workshop, students will understand everyone goes through changes during puberty, and there are resources to help them adjust to those changes. Nightmare on Puberty St. was created in conjunction with physicians, teachers, licensed counselors, and parents. The performer/educators providing the program receive extensive initial training from doctors and licensed counselors.

We cannot host the live show because of COVID protocols, but Korematsu will be hosting a live virtual assembly with the performers. In these livestreamed workshops, the performer/educators facilitate activities, answer questions, and share information about physical and mental health and wellness, empathy, conflict resolution, social justice, equity, community resources, emotional regulation, peer pressure, early adolescence, and other vital topics.

Before the live workshops we ask that families sit down with students and watch a video in preparation for the livestream event. You can find the video here.

Our livestream event will be Monday September 27th.

If you do not want your student to participate please complete the opt out form.

Nightmare on Puberty Street Info – English Espanol

Back to School Night!

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