Welcome to 2021-2022 School Year!

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If you attended one of our feeder schools (Kensington, Fairmont, Madera, Harding, Stege, Mira Vista, Washington), or, if you have received official approval from the WCCUSD transfer office, you are already registered/enrolled. This means, we have a spot for you and we’ve received all required documents, but we need to finish off the process. We do this by hosting Orientation days so that we can collect important paperwork from you, and you can secure the things that you need to start school.

If you live within our zoned area and haven’t attend any of our feeder schools, please contact the school office at 510-231-1449 to register/enroll.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist at the school site if you are not zoned for Korematsu. But, if you still wish to attend, please work with the WCCUSD Transfer Office to investigate options. https://www.wccusd.net/Page/11700 Phone: 510.307.4535.

You can find out whether you are zoned for Korematsu by using the school locator. The school locator can be accessed through this link: http://apps.schoolsitelocator.com/?districtcode=32073

Information needed for Registration/Enrollment:

  • 1st Proof of Residency (PG&E, EBMUD, Lease Agreement, or Garbage, utility bills must be dated within 45 days)
  • 2nd Proof of Residency can be one of these (EBMUD, Garbage, Hospital Bills, Home Mortgage, Car Insurance, Car Registration, Property Taxes, social Services/ Government Agency)
  • Parent ID or Driver’s License
  • Student Transcript/ Grades
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Copy of 504 plan or IEP (if applicable)
  • We are unable to enroll any students if packages are incomplete

School Policies + Required Info: