5/6/21 – Updates:

This Monday, May 10th, there is no school for students. Tuesday we will operate our modified schedule with all classes scheduled. Teachers should notify students if the class will be asynchronous or synchronous. The modified schedule can be found here. 

As we continue with our Spring in-person learning we now turn to finalizing our summer program. Korematsu will be offering a summer program to students who have struggled with distance learning over the past year. Engagement, attendance and academic performance are determining factors. We will be able to serve about 190 students. Our plan is to serve about 80 rising 6th graders from our feeder schools. The rest of the students will be currently enrolled Korematsu 7th graders. Families with students who qualify based on our prioritization matrix will be contacted by Korematsu staff in the coming weeks.

Finally, the deadline to purchase yearbooks is May 28th. Please know that yearbooks will not arrive until summer. We will contact each family who ordered a yearbook when they arrive. Here is the link to purchase.

Math Class Sequence from Korematsu to ECHS

Dear Parents:
If you are wondering why algebra and geometry are no longer offered in middle school, here is an amazing explanation from Mr. Pang, Calculus teacher at ECHS. Recorded at Korematsu PTSA Meeting September 15, 2020. 

Spring In Person Learning Update

After a long week of work scheduling and assigning cohorts and hubs with equity as the focus we have finalized our Spring opening. Students who will be participating in our cohorts and hubs have been contacted by KMS staff. If you have not been contacted we currently do not have space. We continue to look for educators to open hubs, and if space becomes available we will reach out based on our prioritization list.

For students participating in our Spring here is the orientation video:

Key Forms and Documents:

Waiver and Contract – English

Renuncia / ContratoEspanol

Click here to sign up for COVID testing at KMS provided by WCCUSD.

Health Screen Questions

Slide Deck

In-Person Update: PE Hub Survey

Hello Korematsu Families – 

Our PE teachers are available to work with 30 students each in the afternoons Monday through Thursday. These hubs will begin at 1:00PM and run until 3:00PM. All three of our PE and Dance teachers will participate. We will pair students with their current teacher for these hubs. 

We are excited to offer this opportunity for students to get outside, exercise, and safely connect with one another. We will follow all COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and students. Students will not be using the locker room and should come to school dressed for exercise. This survey will be available for 24hrs so we ask that you complete it as soon as possible if your child is interested in participating. 

Por favor, tóme un momento y complete la encuesta para centros de clases de educación física. La encuesta se encuentra en nuestro sitio de internet korematsumiddleschool.org. 

Nuestros profesores de educación física están disponibles para trabajar con 30 estudiantes por las tardes de lunes a jueves. Estos centros comenzarán a la 1:00 hasta las 3:00 de la tarde.  Los tres profesores de Educación Física y baile participaran en estos centros. Emparejaremos a los estudiantes con su profesor actual para estos centros. 

Estamos emocionados de ofrecer esta oportunidad para que los estudiantes salgan, hagan ejercicio y se conecten de forma segura entre sí. Seguiremos todas las directivas de COVID para garantizar la seguridad de nuestro personal y estudiantes. Los estudiantes no usarán los casilleros del gimnasio deberán venir a la escuela vestidos para hacer ejercicio. Esta encuesta estará disponible durante 24 horas, por lo que le pedimos que la complete lo antes posible si su hijo está interesado en participar.

KMS In-Person Update/Clarification

Hello Korematsu Families – 

I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to provide a little clarification regarding our return to in-person learning survey. It is important to note that this plan is voluntary for both students and teachers. Please remember that our core mode of instruction is still distance learning. 

Here is a little more information about what we can offer: 

1. Intervention cohorts for up to 10 students (offered M,T,W from either 8-10AM or 2-4PM) are designed to support the students most in need of in-person support. These cohorts will be staffed by an educator. Students have been identified for intervention cohorts through a series of metrics. Students and families will be contacted by Korematsu staff and offered this option. If we have available spaces student will be offered an intervention cohort based on the prioritization matrix and family request. 

2. Academic hubs are supported by classroom teachers. These hubs are offered M,T,W from 10 AM – 12:25 PM. Academic hubs can have up to 15 students. Each teacher will also be assigned a support aide to help facilitate the hubs. We will do our best to assign students to one of their teachers, but cannot guarantee this. The academic hubs will be “room and zoom”. Teachers and students will still attend their regular classes via zoom and google, but in the classroom and under the care and support of a teacher and support staff. We will also offer an afternoon outdoor hub for band and PE. 

Most families who want to return to in-person learning will choose the academic hub option. Students that have had struggles with engagement, internet and tech issues, and academic challenges may select the Intervention cohort. There have been some questions about students changing classes. Currently we have very limited capacity and cannot support class changes. Students who sign up for the academic hub will be with 2 adults and a stable cohort of students. And again all of our offerings and available spaces are determined by the number of staff who volunteer to participate.  

I hope this helps a little. You can complete the survey again if this changes your selection.

Incoming 7th grade information

Counselors have begun visiting classes at our 6th grade feeder elementary schools. Here is the a slide deck with a video that is/will be presented. Counselors will also walk students through their course selection.

If you have further questions contact the main office. (510) 231-1449

KMS PTSA Meeting 3/9/21 7:00PM

Zoom Link

Tuesday March 9, 7:00pmSpecial Guest Michael TrevinoPlease mark your calendars and join us for our March 9 KMS PTA Meeting with our guest Michael Trevino, who will provide an overview of the High School and College Preparation Workshop on March 20, answer questions, and discuss additional topics or questions parents would like to cover in the workshop.

This powerful and comprehensive day-long workshop, led by admissions expert Michael Trevino, will provide you with an educational roadmap for you and your child through high school to strategically prepare for their college and career interests. This workshop will address all of the key topics, including:  

  • a year-by-year timeline of what to do each year and why
  • the importance of assessing values, strengths and interests, and some reference tools to help you and your child match pathways to college and careers
  • college prep planning and admissions for UC, CSU, Community College Transfer, and out-of-state public and selective private colleges
  • financial aid, including federal and state grant programs, awarding of scholarship aid, and 529 Savings Plans
  • the Common Application and UC Personal Insight Questions, and the importance of thinking about them at the beginning of high school
  • the future of SAT/ACT testing and other post-pandemic changes impacting college admissions and higher education
  • other pathways to successful careers besides a traditional four-year college degree
  • the relationship between college and graduate/professional school and career opportunities
  • steps to reduce stress and anxiety for you and your child as they transition to adulthood 

This is a unique opportunity to have your questions answered and develop a plan (and peace of mind!). 

Sign up here: Register For Seminar
Michael Trevino is a higher education leader with over 20 years of experience as a dean or director of admissions at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional school levels. His extensive knowledge spans across the spectrum of higher education pathways from community colleges to the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. Michael served as the Director of UndergraduateAdmissions for the University of California system and as a faculty member at the Harvard Summer Institute for College Admissions sharing his insights with college guidance counselors and admissions officers from throughout the country and abroad.

Martes 9 de marzo, 7:00 pm Invitado especial Michael Trevino Marque sus calendarios y únase a nosotros para nuestra reunión de la PTA de KMS el 9 de marzo con nuestro invitado Michael Trevino, quien brindará una descripción general del Taller de preparación para la escuela secundaria y la universidad el 20 de marzo, responderá preguntas y discutir temas o preguntas adicionales que a los padres les gustaría cubrir en el taller.

Este poderoso y completo taller de un día, dirigido por el experto en admisiones Michael Trevino, le proporcionará una hoja de ruta educativa para que usted y su hijo hasta la escuela secundaria se preparan estratégicamente para sus intereses universitarios y profesionales. Este taller abordará todos los temas clave, que incluyen: 

  • un cronograma año por año de qué hacer cada año y por qué, 
  • la importancia de evaluar los valores, las fortalezas y los intereses, y algunas herramientas de referencia para ayudarlo a usted y a su hijo a coincidir con los caminos hacia la universidad. 
  • y la planificación de preparación universitaria y las admisiones para UC, CSU, Community College Transfer y universidades públicas y privadas selectivas de fuera del estado 
  • ayuda financiera, incluidos programas de subvenciones federales y estatales, concesión de ayuda para becas y planes de ahorro 529 
  • la solicitud común y preguntas personales de la UC y la importancia de pensar en ellos al comienzo de la escuela secundaria; 
  • el futuro de las pruebas SAT / ACT y otros cambios post pandémicos que impactan las admisiones universitarias y la educación superior; 
  • otros caminos hacia carreras exitosas además de una carrera universitaria tradicional de cuatro años; 
  • la relación entre la universidad y el posgrado. oportunidades para la escuela y la carrera profesional 
  • Pasos para reducir el estrés y la ansiedad para usted y su hijo durante la transición t o Adultez Esta es una oportunidad única para que sus preguntas sean respondidas y desarrolle un plan (¡y tranquilidad!).

Registrarse para el seminario

Michael Trevino es un líder de educación superior con más de 20 años de experiencia como decano o director de admisiones en los niveles de pregrado, posgrado y escuelas profesionales. Su amplio conocimiento abarca todo el espectro de trayectorias de educación superior, desde colegios comunitarios hasta los colegios y universidades más selectivos del país. Michael se desempeñó como Director de Admisiones de Pregrado para el sistema de la Universidad de California y como miembro de la facultad en el Instituto de Verano de Harvard para Admisiones Universitarias, compartiendo sus conocimientos con los consejeros de orientación universitaria y los oficiales de admisiones de todo el país y el extranjero.

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Sad News

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Dear Korematsu Community, 

It is with a heavy heart that I share sad news about our beloved Vice Principal, Ms. Nancy Ivey. On Friday, February 12th, Ms. Ivey passed away. We are saddened and shocked by her sudden passing, and our thoughts are with her family during this time.

Ms. Ivey was a leader and champion for students during her nearly 9 years as our Vice Principal. Her deep care and support for all the students at Korematsu cannot be replaced. Nancy always centered her work around equity, ensuring support for students who needed her the most. Most recently, she made passionate additions to our Black Lives Matter Week at school, and to ideas for a summer program to help struggling students get back in the love of learning. She led and participated in changes on campus with wit, perspective, and a tireless energy for our students. 

I have learned so much from Ms Ivey over the years and I will always remember the way she started difficult conversations. “How are you doing?” she would say. And that simple phrase reminded everyone she cared. In one-on-one conversations, meetings for students in Special Education, discussions around restorative justice solutions, Nancy found ways to humanize and respond empathetically to those around her, young and old. Staff members felt heard, students felt seen, and the campus felt livelier. Her deep care and compassion was ever present in her work. 

Ms. Ivey was a profound advocate for students and her tireless work will be greatly missed at all levels. As we continue to process our grief, we will provide time and space to celebrate, share, and reflect on our experiences and learnings with Ms. Ivey. Words cannot express the profound loss for her family, friends, and our community.


Matt Burnham