Korematsu Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the District calendar?

A: Calendar can be found HERE (English) and HERE (Spanish)

Q: Who is the Korematsu Staff and how can I contact them?

A: List of all Korematsu Staff is HERE. Contact Koremast staff via email. Please allow at least 24hr response period.

Q: How can parents reach the school or individual teachers?  When is it expected that the student will communicate on their own behalf, and when is a parent expected to be involved?

A: At Korematsu we encourage students to take responsibility for their own education.  As such, the first line of communication should be between the teacher and the student.  When there is a question about grades, assignments, etc.please coach your student to approach the teacher before or after class and ask for a good time to talk. Or, they can use Google Classroom to communicate with their teacher. If the teacher and student do not come to a satisfactory conclusion, parents can contact a counselor for a meeting (see staff email above). Some teachers encourage email communication with parents; others prefer that the normal procedure through counselors be maintained.  Parents are encouraged to contact their student’s counselor for case-by-case guidance.

Q: Who are the counselors and what is their role?

A: Ms. Darke, Mr. Jones, Ms. Simpson are the 7th and 8th grade counselors. Counselors are in charge of scheduling, academic achievement, behavioral issues, and leveraging of internal and external student resources.

Q: Is a school uniform required?

A: No uniform is required, but all students must follow the WCCUSD dress code.  Please see district website for details: HERE

Q: When does my child get books, PE locker?

A: Students books & Tablets given the first/second week of school.   Because we are a public school, we cannot require families to purchase a PE uniform, but dressing for PE is required for your student to pass the course.  You may either purchase the official uniform (online or school office) or self-provide your student with any gray or black shorts/sweats and grey T-shirt that will be dedicated for use during PE.  PE lockers are assigned during the first week of school. Locks are provided but if lost, are $5 to replace. 

Q: Is school lunch available?

A: Yes. Students can apply for the free lunch program (same as the elementary school program). Students not qualifying for free lunch can set up an online account to purchase lunch items. 

Q: How do I sign up for the after school program?

A: At orientation in August you will be given information on how to sign up for the after school program run by the Bay Area Expanded Learning Program. Coordinator’s name is Miranda Taylor. (see staff email above.)

Q: Do I have to go to the after school program everyday?  I have some other activities I am committed to.

A: You have to sign up for every day, but the program understands that kids do other activities outside of school and are flexible to work with you to make the schedule work for everyone.

Q: Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

A: Drive around the school in a clockwise direction.  Drop and pick up students at the marked, designated areas on Norvell and Lawrence.  For student safety, and to improve traffic flow, drop students on the school side of the street.  Please refrain from dropping students directly in front of the school on Donal Avenue.  In the mornings and afternoons, Donal Avenue is used by AC Transit and other buses, therefore, it must be kept clear so that the buses can make their stops.

Q: How much homework can be expected?

A: Expect 1-3 hours of homework per night.  Assignments can be found on PowerSchool or a similar online program of each teachers choice (teachers will notify families of where assignments can be found if not using PowerSchool).  PowerSchool user names and passwords are assigned approximately two weeks after school starts. The students get their own logins at school. Parents also receive a login generated by the district office and mailed home with more instructions for using this program.

Q: Is there homework help available?

A: Yes, there is free tutoring after school. Ask the front office when after school tutoring begins.Teachers are also regularly available to help at lunch and after school. Contact them via email. (see staff email above.)

Q: What is Independent Study PE (Physical Education) and who can get it?

A: Students can apply for Independent Study Physical Education by providing official documentation of 400 minutes every 2 weeks of organized physical activity year-round.  Additional information and applications will be available 2nd/3rd week of school.  At the time of application, students must provide signed documentation demonstrating that they are enrolled in sport(s) that will provide the required time quota. Please note that there may not be space in electives for all the students who qualify and wish to avail themselves of Independent Study PE. This privilege will be granted on a first com first served basis and a waiting list will be generated. All applications are approved by our principal, Mr. Burnham.

Q: What is the discipline policy at the school?

A: From the WCCUSD Parent-Student Handbook, discipline is defined as training that enables students to make appropriate choices in a climate of warmth and support.  The goal is the maintenance of a safe and orderly learning environment for all students. It is as important to recognize good behavior and to provide consequences for misbehavior.  Teachers are responsible for communication any behavior problems with students, parents, and administrative staff and for giving consequences for minor behavioral infractions. Administrators are responsible for communicating serious behavioral infractions to teachers, communicate with students and parents, issuing detentions and suspensions, and recommending expulsion when necessary.  Consistent with district policies and procedures, staff and faculty at Korematsu extend great efforts to balance the needs of individual students with the needs of the school community as a whole. If you have concerns about your own student’s behavior, or the impact of a behavioral issue on your child’s learning environment, please contact your student’s counselor to discuss the matter.