Korematsu Building

Drop-Offs and Pickups

Drive around the school in a clockwise direction.  Drop and pick up students at the marked, designated areas on Norvell and Lawrence.  For student safety, and to improve traffic flow, drop students on the school side of the street.  Please refrain from dropping students directly in front of the school on Donal Avenue.  In the mornings and afternoons, Donal Avenue is used by AC Transit and other buses, therefore, it must be kept clear so that the buses can make their stops.


Except for one or two lonely short-term parking spots, there is no parking on the school side of Donal Avenue. The school side of Donal Avenue must be kept clear for AC Transit and other bus use.  Please park legally on Lawrence, Gladys or Norvell Streets.

Please respect our neighborhood and our neighbors.  Please refrain from blocking any driveways …. even for a minute … and always follow traffic rules and regulations.

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AC Transit

AC Transit runs dedicated routes to and from Richmond.  These routes run only on school days Monday to Friday and the schedules are timed to match the hours of local schools and operate only when schools are in session.  Even though these buses are specific to school schedules, they are open to all passengers at regular fare.  Visit AC Transit Supplementary Service Calendar for complete information.


click on the  bus links for specific routes, stops and times

667 North Richmond (Market Avenue and Third), Richmond (Seventh Street; MacDonald Avenue),  El Cerrito (San Pablo Avenue), El Cerrito High, Korematsu Middle School.

668 Richmond BART, Richmond (Cutting Boulevard; Harbor Way South), El Cerrito (San Pablo Avenue),  El Cerrito High School, Korematsu Middle School.

675 Richmond BART, Richmond (Cutting Boulevard; Harbor Way South) Richmond (Potrero Avenue, Hartnett Avenue)  El Cerrito (Carlson Boulevard, San Pablo Avenue)  El Cerrito Hight School, Korematsu Middle School.