El Cerrito High School

For most Korematsu students, El Cerrito will be your high school. If you aren’t sure, find your home address in the school locator:

If you are not zoned for El Cerrito High School, but you’d like to attend, please contact the WCCUSD Transfer Office to investigate options. Unfortunately, the office staffs of both El Cerrito High School and Korematsu Middle School are unable to assist in this area.

WCCUSD Transfer Office Website

WCCUSD Transfer Office Phone Number
(510) 307-4535

School Address

540 Ashbury Ave.
El Cerrito, 94530-3299

School Phone


El Cerrito High School Communications
The Big Four!

The main communication vehicle at El Cerrito High School is the etree. Alo parents, guardians and students are strongly encouraged to join the etree to receive messages. The etree is free and anyone can join. To join, send an email to echsnews+subscribe@googlegroups.com or echsetree@gmail.com and ask to join the etree.

We recommend that you join the etree certainly by the time your child is in the 8th grade. You’ll get a feel for the school and understand the numerous opportunities for students. Additionally, you’ll find out about deadlines and events for incoming students and their families.

Consider setting up a separate email address for El Cerrito High etree communications. This is a large, comprehensive high school, and there are lots of communications.

ECHS Website: https://www.wccusd.net/ecgauchos
The school’s website should be bookmarked, and visited often. It contains information about the school, the school calendar, graduation requirements, school contacts and more. You’ll also be able to find information on important dates and events for incoming students.

There is a school Remind, and each class has a Remind account.
Text: @ecgauchos to 81010. Or, add @ECGauchos if you are already registered on Remind.

From time to time, ECHS administration will call to the homes of enrolled students with messages. To receive messages, ensure that your preferred phone number and email are current and correct in Powerschool. NOTE: If you are asked for a District Powerschool password, it is RSBK.


Technically, if you attend Korematsu, you are enrolled at ECHS. This means they have a spot for you, but need additional information and forms to complete the process. Some of this is done online, and some is done in person at walk-thru registration. The best way to stay apprised of these events is to subscribe to the ECHS etree echsetree@gmail.com.

School Tours

School tours are offered throughout the year. The best way to find out about the tour schedule is to subscribe to the ECHS etree echsetree@gmail.com.The tour schedule is advertised through the etree.

Course Selection

If you attended Korematsu, you will pick courses in the late winter of your 8th grade year. These choices will be recorded in PowerSchool. Parents can view the choices through their PowerSchool portal.

Walk-thru Registration

Walk-thru registration occurs in late July/early August. You will drop off numerous forms, and have the opportunity to learn about the school. Many clubs, sports and organizations are present, and representatives are available to answer questions. The best way to stay apprised of these events is to subscribe to the ECHS etree echsetree@gmail.com.

Other communications (Not an exhaustive list)
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

El Cerrito High School

El Cerrito High School

El Cerrito High School PTSA

El Cerrito High School PTSA

El Cerrito High School Bands

El Cerrito High School Bands

El Cerrito High School Bands

EAOP Early Academic Outreach Program

El Cerrito High School Mountain Biking Team

El Cerrito High School Mountain Biking Team

El Cerrito High School Archiving

Getting Involved

All ECHS events are open to you. Attend our PTSA meetings and join our PTSA. Come to our “Coffee with the Principal” events. Attend any sporting events or any programs on college readiness. We are your public high school, and are extremely proud of the work we do with students. OUR ASK: Please sign in in the main office and receive a “VISITOR” sticker/pass before proceeding to your event.


There are numerous volunteer opportunities on campus. You can hold office on the board of our PTSA or join the board of SAF. You can volunteer for any of SAF’s Sponsored Groups such as the band, several sports, Investing in Academic Excellence and more. Please see El Cerrito High School’s website for more specifics: https://www.wccusd.net/ecgauchos. If you intend to work with students, you must obtain a volunteer badge before doing so. Please see BeaMentor’s website: https://www.wccusd.net/domain/93


College and Career
A-G Requirements

Our graduates attend a wide range of higher education choices – everything from community colleges to Ivy League schools. A fair number attend California’s UC system. If you are interested in attending the University of California as a freshman after high school graduation, you’ll have to satisfy the A-G Requirements while in high school.

You’ll complete a minimum of 15 college-preparatory courses (a-g courses) with a letter grade of C or better, with at least 11 courses finished prior to the beginning of your last year of high school. This course of study begins in the 9th grade.

More on the A-G requirements here:

Other Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Generally speaking, the A-G course requirements puts you on track to attend other competitive public and private colleges and universities. However, you are highly encouraged to check your specific choices and path as requirements do change from time to time.