Back-to-School Night

Thursday, September 14, 2023    

You are cordially invited to Back-to-School Night, an orientation for parents and guardians. You will follow an abbreviated daily schedule, hear from your child’s teachers, become familiar with the scope and sequence of standards-based curricula, and see fabulous classrooms. Students should not come to this event. 

It is essential that you bring your child’s schedule with you so that you know where to go. Please take a few minutes to write the schedule within the chart below. Your visit in each class will be ten minutes and there will be a few minutes in between each period (passing period). Our first Period will begin promptly at 6:30 PM.

Due to our gymnasium still being under construction, Mr. Carroll will be meeting with PE classes in the Multipurpose room. Ms. Jenkins (PE) will not be here, but families can also go to the multipurpose room and hear from Mr. Carroll. Ms. Smith’s dance classes and her PE class will meet in the dance studio.

We are looking forward to a great evening.  See you there!
Following back to school night on Thursday, Friday will be a minimum day.

16:30 – 6:40
26:45 – 6:55
37:00 – 7:10
47:15 – 7:25
57:30 – 7:40
67:45 – 7:55