Measure G Plea

From our Legislative Chair, Pamela Gilbert Snyder:


Hello, fellow parents.  I am the Legislative Affairs Chair of the Portola PTSA and spoke briefly at last night’s PTSA meeting about the need for parents to participate, in any way you can, in the campaign to pass Measures E and G in the November election.

MEASURE G is a PARCEL TAX RENEWAL that needs **67%** of the vote to pass.

We are asking parents to:

  • Speak with everyone you know about the importance of voting YES on this measure
  • Place a sign in your yard supporting Measure G, and 
  • PHONE BANK for Measure G with fellow parents (dates and details below). 

I will let you know as soon as yard signs become available.

Basic information:

MEASURE G is a STRAIGHT RENEWAL of an existing tax. In Kensington/El Cerrito, it amounts to less than NINE DOLLARS per month, on average, per parcel.
The money is used for:

  • Class-size reduction at the elementary level.
  • Maintaining a college-going culture.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified teachers (with better working conditions such as:)
  • Safety officers.
  • Classroom computers.
  • Science labs.
  • Libraries.
  • Athletics programs.
  • And more.

The cuts to our schools in recent years are ONGOING, and programs and services have taken the biggest hit. Measure G will maintain our current level.  

If this measure does not pass, WE WILL LOSE the above programs and services. 

Addressing possible voter concerns:

– The WCCUSD has lost $40,000,000 due to reduced State funding, forcing it to eliminate programs and services, reduce employee compensation, increase class sizes, and reduce supplies and materials.  MEASURE G will prevent FURTHER LOSSES.

– G gives the WCCUSD local funding that cannot be taken away by the state.

– MEASURE G is a STRAIGHT RENEWAL of an existing tax amounting to less than NINE DOLLARS per month, on average, per parcel in our area.

– The parcel taxes passed in 2004 and renewed in 2008 were used as promised.

– Citizens over age 65 may file for a SENIOR EXEMPTION to this tax.

Parents, it is CRITICAL that we pass Measure E.