KMS Weekly News E3

Hello Korematsu Community,


We have another news segment for you all. We are getting more participation from students which is great. We want more! Please email me with submissions or suggestions (

In the coming weeks we will start to clarify some upcoming activities around the school. We are working with WCCUSD to come up with plans for textbook returns, locker clean outs, and yearbook distribution (if purchased). As this information becomes finalized we will incorporate it within the Weekly News. All of these activities will be done following the CDC and local Contra Costa Health Services guidelines.

Anyone planning to submit their baking project to the contest please do so by May 6th. I look forward to the projects.

Have a great weekend KMS community!

Mr. B

KMS Distance Learning


Hello Korematsu Community, 

I hope you are safe, healthy and taking care of your families. We are wrapping up another week of distance learning.  For educators, this has been an entirely new challenge, and one we are constantly learning from. Since this week began, we have seen more and more students completing assignments on Google Classroom. While this number is increasing, we still need to see more teenagers logging on and getting active with their learning. These are difficult and complicated times, but we need to work together to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn.

Students are expected to log into Google Classroom daily. Teachers are regularly posting assignments, commenting on completed work, and providing support as needed. While some may want more work, and others less, our teachers are working hard to meet expectations outlined in the agreement between the United Teachers of Richmond and WCCUSD. We, as learners ourselves, will continue to evolve as days go by. At Korematsu, we are always in a cycle of inquiry. Distance learning is no different. We are always developing as a school, and as a community.

Many teachers are offering live office hours. I want to encourage students to participate in these whenever possible. Students can find information posted on Google Classroom (how to log on to a meeting, when they start, etc.). We have also posted the hours at Please continue to check this website for more information as online learning moves forward. We are in the process of developing resources for students and families that are looking for additional learning opportunities. 

I want to encourage families and students with questions to reach out to teachers directly. They are available through email, and are there to support our students. You can also reach out to counselors, Ms. Ivey and of course, me, anytime. I’ve put together a first attempt at a weekly news segment that I am hoping provides some information, keeps us connected, and in the future is propelled by student voices. 

Please stay safe and keep supporting one another.


Matt Burnham

Teacher Office Hours for Distance Learning

EnglishMondayMs. Schantz 11-1:00Ms. Pulley 11-1:00Ms. Soto 10-12:00Mr. Vedder: 9:00-12:00Ms. Davis  11-1:00
MathTuesdayMr. Lee (math7 – 10-12), (Geometry- 12-1 on Thursday)Mr. Hameed (no virtual office hours; students comment/email to get questions answered)Ms. Cachero M/W/F 11:00 – 11:30 T/Th. 2:30-3:30Mr. Zechlin 9:30-10:30 & 2 – 3 DailyMr. Kunz 9:30 — 10:30
HistoryWednesdayMr. Lee, J (available by appointment),1-3Ms. Schmidt 10-12:00Mr. Uriostegue: 9-12:00Mr. Fulumirani (email or appointment)
ScienceThursdayMr. Kunz 9:30-10:30Ms. Pavlich 10-1:30Mr. Nelson 1:30-2:30Ms. Wardle 9-12:00Writer coaches with ELD students 10-12 pm, 1-3 pm
Electives FridayMs. Alcocer 1-2:05Mr. Pohl: 8:30-9:30 & 3-4 DailyCarrico Friday 10:30-11 I will send zoom link each week in e-mailMs. Smith, J Mon-Fri 11:00-1:00 and as needed (no virtual office ours: student and parent questions via email and Google classroom)Ms. Jenkins 9-10:00
Special EducationMs. Krug Daily 1:00-2:00Mr. Armen 2-3:00Ms. Smith Daily 10-11:00Ms. Woods Thurs 10-11:00Mr. Wallacker- Daily 8AM- 2PM via emailMr. Klingele 
Daily 9-10:00
and as needed
Ms. Cummings 8-2:30Mr. Pickrell Daily AllSkills10-11 Tutorial 1-2