Teacher Office Hours for Distance Learning

EnglishMondayMs. Schantz 11-1:00Ms. Pulley 11-1:00Ms. Soto 10-12:00Mr. Vedder: 9:00-12:00Ms. Davis  11-1:00
MathTuesdayMr. Lee (math7 – 10-12), (Geometry- 12-1 on Thursday)Mr. Hameed (no virtual office hours; students comment/email to get questions answered)Ms. Cachero M/W/F 11:00 – 11:30 T/Th. 2:30-3:30Mr. Zechlin 9:30-10:30 & 2 – 3 DailyMr. Kunz 9:30 — 10:30
HistoryWednesdayMr. Lee, J (available by appointment),1-3Ms. Schmidt 10-12:00Mr. Uriostegue: 9-12:00Mr. Fulumirani (email or appointment)
ScienceThursdayMr. Kunz 9:30-10:30Ms. Pavlich 10-1:30Mr. Nelson 1:30-2:30Ms. Wardle 9-12:00Writer coaches with ELD students 10-12 pm, 1-3 pm
Electives FridayMs. Alcocer 1-2:05Mr. Pohl: 8:30-9:30 & 3-4 DailyCarrico Friday 10:30-11 I will send zoom link each week in e-mailMs. Smith, J Mon-Fri 11:00-1:00 and as needed (no virtual office ours: student and parent questions via email and Google classroom)Ms. Jenkins 9-10:00
Special EducationMs. Krug Daily 1:00-2:00Mr. Armen 2-3:00Ms. Smith Daily 10-11:00Ms. Woods Thurs 10-11:00Mr. Wallacker- Daily 8AM- 2PM via emailMr. Klingele 
Daily 9-10:00
and as needed
Ms. Cummings 8-2:30Mr. Pickrell Daily AllSkills10-11 Tutorial 1-2