The Phoenix, May 21, 2020


Gail Simpson is inviting you to a scheduled 8th GRADE Zoom meeting.

Topic: HIGH SCHOOL meeting for 8th grade STUDENTS ONLY (no parents, siblings, etc)
TUESDAY May 26, 2020 12:00



Please come early. In the event the Zoom meeting runs out of room, more meetings will be scheduled.

Gail Simpson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parents’/guardians’ HIGH SCHOOL information meeting
Time: May 27, 2020 11:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada)


The COST team has created a Go Fund Me with the goal of supporting families in our community during this difficult time. I wanted to shoot out the link in hopes that many of us could share it on social media and any other way you may deem appropriate.

The link for you to share/donate is available here.

Below I have also included what I wrote on my own social media when sharing the GFM if you would like to see an example.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this. Thank you for taking the time to support our community!!

“Hey all, my school has created a Go Fund Me to support families that have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Any support you can provide (whether financial or by sharing this post) would be much appreciated!

My experience in the classroom has shown me how important mental health can be to student success. Financial resources for food and other personal necessities are crucial in this. With 43% of Korematsu families classified as low-income we know there is need in our community and we believe that by providing this much needed financial support we will, in turn, be better supporting the social, emotional and academic needs of our community.

If we meet our goal of $5,000, we will be able to provide 10 families with $500 gift cards to purchase food and other personal necessities. Recipients of this support will be determined by the COST (Coordination of Services Team) at Korematsu Middle School, using data collected through a survey that has been distributed to students and families through email and social media.

Thank you so much for your partnership!”

Alison Schmidt

Social Studies Teacher

Fred T. Korematsu Middle School

M.A. in Urban Education Policy and Administration


During this time of struggle, I’d like to take a moment to thank The Arlington and all that they’ve given to Korematsu and ECHS, and ask you to help show appreciation by supporting them.

The Arlington owners (who are also parents in our ECHS family) have been more than generous to our students and events. Throughout the years, they’ve gone above and beyond – supporting events at cost, and asking very little in return. As the co-chair of the Korematsu auctions, the 2019 Grad Night Committee, the Ultimate Crab Feed, and many others, I can honestly say these events couldn’t have happened without their generosity. We are forever grateful!

Please help show our gratitude by ordering a family dinner with them. I assure you it will be delicious!


(largely adapted from CA State PTA)CA State PTA is urging all members and (non-members) to take action right now to prevent school funding cuts. Use and share the links below. 

Despite efforts by Governor Newsom to minimize cuts to education and children’s services, the revised May California budget proposal leaves schools and other programs facing significant cuts.The largest cut to K-12 funding is a 10 percent reduction to the Local Control Funding Formula ($6.5 billion in 2020-21).Schools throughout the state, already bracing for cuts before the pandemic, now have to cut budgets even further. The financial hurt stretches beyond the coming school year, with even greater economic challenges in the following years.The pandemic has overwhelmed the state’s capacity to adequately support the education, health and welfare of California’s children.

What does that look like her in the WCCUSD? Understand that changes occur daily. So, as of yesterday……

Bracing for cuts before the pandemic:
2020-2021  -$29.8 million Already WCCUSD Board-Approved
2021-2022  -$22.5 million bracing for cuts before the pandemic
2021 -2022  -$18.5 million additional caused by COVID-19 
TOTAL       -$41 million

To put it in terms that we can understand, $1 million dollars = 10 teachers. So, the cuts in 2021-2022 are equivalent to more than 400 teaching jobs.  410 to be exact.

Time for Advocacy
We all must act now to cushion this blow. We need to speak up and advocate for more money: More money from the federal government, more money at the ballot box, and more revenue in the state budget. Even consider local measures.

Contact your state representatives: Let them know what the impact of the proposed budget will be on your school.To find your representatives click here. Let them know in our district $1 million dollars is the salary of 10 teachers.  We cannot afford any more cuts to our district.

Advocate for More Federal Funding: Contact your federal representatives and ask them to support an additional $200 billion in federal funds for schools. It is very likely that CA’s representatives already support this legislation. Send a message to your federal representatives  anyway. Then, share this link with friends and relatives that live in other states and urge them to sign. Unless Congress acts – specifically the Senate – schools will experience major budget cuts triggered by the pandemic.

Help pass the Schools and Communities First ballot initiative which is on the November ballot: This could raise about $11.5 billion dollars each year for our schools and local communities. In an average year with normal business and industry operations, this might mean $18 million for our school district.  Click here to learn more.

Census results affect planning and funding for education—including programs such as Head Start, Pell Grants, school lunches, rural education, adult education, and grants for preschool special education. Your information is secure and won’t be shared. The future counts more than ever!

Be open to the discussion of a local funding measure.
The WCCUSD may well put a local funding measure on the November ballot. Understandably, it is a difficult topic in this unprecedented time. Be open to this discussion. Please remember….. $10 million dollars = 100 teaching jobs. 

It is going to take all of us to change the tide and weather this storm. Thank you for your support. 


Are you passionate about student leadership? 

Want to learn more? 


Announcing the Ed100 Online Summer Academy for California Student Leaders

Student Leaders: Apply by June 6. It’s Free!

California’s student leaders are essential — this year more than ever. So, it’s time for something new: an online conference that prepares California high school student leaders with the knowledge and connections they need to make a difference.

Apply now
 and mark your calendar: July 20-23. We invite California’s high school student leaders to join together at the Ed100 Online Academy for Student Leaders, a new virtual conference for students who in the coming school year will be serving: 

  • on a school site council or ELAC
  • on their school board, 
  • on a PTA board or nonprofit school organization
  • in other student led or student-focused organizations

Students who aren’t yet in these roles but aspire to them may also apply.

Ed100 Student Academy Partners

Spread the Word!

We need your help.

  • Please share this email with high school student leaders in your school community —  especially rising juniors and sophomores. We want to make sure that there is at least one applicant from every single high school!
  • Please share this email beyond your own school community. The price to attend is zero, but we worry that some schools will be left out just because they don’t hear about it. That’s an equity issue.
  • We are not charging students to participate in this event. We are actively seeking donations and sponsors.

We’ve been working with students and organizations around the state to develop a great program. Want to join us to help make it happen? If you have available time and this project speaks to you please email us: