Thank You for a Successful Celebrate Korematsu Evening

On behalf of the Korematsu PTSA board, congratulations and thank you so much to the Korematsu community that came together on January 27th for Celebrate Korematsu!

It was an amazing evening and it was so successful because of the meticulous advanced planning of the Celebrate Korematsu Team led by Judy Chin and Joanne Okano. We deeply appreciate your time, effort and dedication.

A huge thank you also to the Auction Coordinators Negar Souza and Rula Craner. The Silent Auction was great! The Live Auction was awesome!

And of course to all the parents that pitched in, in any way, in all the different aspects, to make the event as successful as it was, from transporting and setting up chairs and music stands to feeding the musicians, to cooking and serving the food to guests. Months of meeting and planning culminated in an evening enjoyed by all.

And last but not least, thank you so much to Ms. Carrico and Mr Burnham, for your continued work and support of our Korematsu community.

Thank you all,
Manu Wong

The Celebrate Korematsu Team would like to acknowledge and thank all you helped and here’s the link to their message.