The Phoenix April 26, 2018

TONIGHT!!! Korematsu Orientation Night




Early Bird ($650) Applications for the China Trip are now due in the Main Office End of Day Monday, April 30, 2018.
If you are expediting a passport, please hand in proof that you expedited (copy your payment receipt or other) with your application. If not, you’ve got the weekend to finish that essay or apply for a passport.

Please hand in:
Application for Participation Summer 2018 China
​​China Trip Health and Medical Form 2018.pdf

If you are applying for aid or scholarship, please include:
​China Trip Scholarship Application

Still time to decide if the trip is for you!

​Minutes China Trip Both Sessions 4:00 and 5:30
​​2018 Summer China Study Tour- Important Travel

Passport information and all the postings on the China trip are on the website:


Dear Korematsu Families,

Can you believe we only have 7 weeks until graduation? This year has zoomed by!

Graduation is a special time for 8th grade families. Many of them move on together to El Cerrito High, and some fly off to other schools, so for our 8th graders, the graduation commencement events are vastly important.

That being said, we can not pull off all the activities without your help!

There are 3 events that need 7th AND 8th grade families to help with. We have included a link to a google doc that you can sign up.

The events are as follows:
1. Promotion practice: Before the picnic, parents are needed to help organize and supervise the 8th graders as they practice for the promotion ceremony.

2. Help with the 8th grade picnic: This happens prior to the kids vs. teachers softball game. We have 3 point persons already and need people to sign ups for food, set-up, clean-up etc. BOTH 7th & 8th Grade families can help!

3. Graduation: This is a huge event where the kids cross the stage. Tradition has been 7th grade families sign up to help with some of the larger day of jobs so 8th grade families can watch their babies cross the stage! Then next year, we continue that tradition and you get to sit back and watch your babies cross the stage!

There are other day/night-of items for 8th grade families as well as a sign-up to help order, pick-up & deliver appetizers, drinks & desserts to the school.

Please note there are 3 tabs on the sign up sheet!

Please contact either Rula Craner at OR Negar Souza at for more info, clarification or questions.


WE NEED YOU! We cannot do this without your help!

Thank you,
Rula & Negar