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Korematsu 7th Grade Distance Learning Expectations

SubjectTeacherHow to access assignmentsDue Dates
EnglishSchantzAssigned on Mondays on Google ClassroomWork at own pace, but due Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
EnglishPulleyAssigned daily on Google ClassroomDue each day
ELDSotoAssigned daily on Google ClassroomMembean due daily, Journals due on Friday; Writer coach meetings on Thursday and Friday
MathLee and HameedAssigned daily on Google ClassroomDue daily Monday-Thursday, Fridays are for make-up work and tutoring
HistoryLee and FulumiraniDaily discussion posts on Google ClassroomDue each day
ScienceKunzAssigned daily on Google ClassroomDue each day by 5PM
SciencePavlichAssigned on Google ClassroomDue Fridays
SpanishZechlinAssigned Monday and WednesdayMonday assignment due Wednesday, Wednesday assignment due Friday
BandCarrico1 assignment per week posted on Google ClassroomDue Fridays
Gateway to TechnologyPohlYoutube video tutorials which are posted on Google ClassroomDue each day; also available for one-on-one tutorials
P.E. and DanceSmith and JenkinsActivity logs posted on Google Classroom on MondayDue Fridays

For Information Related to Counselors
Google Classroom Codes
Darke:  qdhquqn
Jones: qqtfq5e
Simpson: tjptj4x

Great Resources from Ms. Darke
– Imports Numbers
– Meal Pick up info
– Math Support
– Distance Learning Parent Guides
– and more

Some Self Care Resources put together by counselors