First annual alumni basketball tournament: Portola vs. Korematsu

See the video!
The Portola (class of 2018) squad from last year​ came out​ rockin’ the old school green jerseys versus this year’s Korematsu (class of 2019) team in red.

The ​historic ​stage​ was set​… Green vs red. Old vs new. Toros vs Phoenix. ​ Portola vs Korematsu.​

​ At stake was a lifetime of bragging rights.

The younger Korematsu squad had something to prove. They wanted to back up their 13-1 regular season record and citywide championship with a win. ​They were up 9 at halftime. ​

The Portola team​, ​their backs up against the wall​ and playing with the desperation of a big brother refusing to let the younger one win, quickly cut the lead to five and then three to start the 2nd half. It remained a one possession game for the rest of the second half. The game was deadlocked 56-56 with less than a minute to go. Finally, with only eight seconds left on the clock, Portola scored two points to put the game away.

Final score: 58 Portola – 56 Korematsu

​Great finish to a great season and memories to last a lifetime!

Thank you to the guest coaches, volunteer refs and scorekeepers, fans, parents and players.

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