PTSA and Band Meetings Tuesday, Nov 4th

PTSA and Band Meetings

Tuesday, November 4th

Band 6-7pm in Room 43; PTSA 7-9pm in Room 8

After PTSA business is complete join us for

The Family University:  Common Core and Middle School Math

Math is Everywhere

Please join us for our next PTSA meeting.  On the business side, we’ll review a proposal for the website update and talk about our new math tutor.  Then, we’ll welcome Phil Gonsalves and Drew Kravin from the WCCUSD Mathematics Center.  Phil, Drew and their crew train our teachers.

It isn’t often (maybe never)  that we get to combine “Math” and “Fun” in the same sentence, let alone in the same evening, but indeed, this is what you will get – a completely engaging evening about math.  We’ll cover the new Common Core standards, why we are changing and what the NEW MATH looks like.  We’ll also discuss where parents can find resources.

We couldn’t encourage you more to come on out and hear what these gentlemen have to say.  Yes, bring your kids!

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