Special Board Meeting About the New Portola Campus – Thursday 11/19 6:30pm

From an email sent by Charles Ramsey, WCCUSD School Board President:
“The board is having a special meeting on Thursday, December 19th at LaVonya DeJean Middle School at 6:30 PM. The meeting is not televised, since it is a special meeting, but the purpose of the meeting is to get a status report on Portola Middle School. This will enable parents and other interested parties in learning about when the new school will be completed and when students will be able to start school in the new facility. It will also signal when we can initiate the transition for the Fairmont students and staff.  So please make a point to attend.  We need to keep parents notified about this important project.
Further, I will also initiate a conversation about how to start spending some of the 12 Million Dollars that is unrestricted and can be used on programs. I am going to strongly encourage board members to signal how we can use this money. Our kids need programs and we need to get going on the use of the funds.
We need folks to really show up and make it known that we want this money to be used on kids and not seen as a savings account.  We already have a healthy reserve, state requires 3% and we have 6%.  This 12 Million is in ADDITION to the mandated state reserve. …. We could add more rigor, we could have more AP Courses, also more elementary music and support for more counseling to ensure that our kids have an idea about the plethora of colleges that exist in our country.”
Lovonya DeJean Middle School
Multipurpose Room
3400 Macdonald Avenue
Richmond, CA 94805
Can’t make it? You can always email comments to the WCCUSD School Board. 
 Emails found here:

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