El Toro Weekly November 14, 2013 – Electronic ONLY this week

Math Update

This past Tuesday, Phil Gonsalves, Drew Kravin and two math coaches led over 40 parents from Portola and our feeder schools through ways to help kids with math.

We’re listing five things we overheard:

1.     Laughing.

2.    Grown adults shouting out the answers.

3.    “I know you are running late, but please keep on going.  We’ll stay.”

4.    “That was really fun!”

5.    “Can you come back again soon?”

You can find their presentation online at:  http://www.wccusd.net/Page/3237

Once there, click on the “Portola Middle School November 12, 2013 Presentation” link.  It is a QuickTime presentation and will play automatically and can be stopped and started anywhere within the presentation. Additionally, you will find many guides and resources here:

Content Presentations


General Math Resources


Instructional Videos




Study Guides for Benchmark Testing


WCCUSD Curriculum Guides


Parent Guides


We warmly thank Phil and Drew for their time and insight.  We are already working on a date when they can return!  A special THANKS to Luz Kirsch for Spanish Translation.


Golden Gate Fields Thank You

PTSA wants to extend thanks to all that came out and donated time to work our Golden Gate Fields booth this past Sunday.  We collected about $150 in tips, and are expecting our $1,000 check shortly.  A special thanks to Sally Fraser for organizing.


Portola Information Night Thank You

A special thanks to all that helped with Thursday’s Information Night. We hosted over 150 prospective parents and students from all of our feeder schools!  They listened to our Jazz Ensemble, learned about after school activities, and took mini science and math classes among others!  A warm thanks to our organizers – Renee Hoyer-Nielsen, Alonn Ilan, Becky Jonas and to our Jazz Ensemble (led by Tiffany Carrico), student presenters and everyone else who graciously gave time, hospitality and smiles!  We just keep raising the bar!!


ESCRIP to Benefit Portola!  ‘Tis the Shopping Season!

The shopping season is coming, and ESCRIP is an easy way for Portola’s PTSA to collect funds … And it involves very little effort on your part.  You register your credit cards, and if you shop at preferred providers, Portola’s PTSA gets a portion of the funds.

How to do it:

1.      Get your wallet and your HUSBAND’s wallet.  Corporate credit cards are great too.

2.      Log into ESCRIP.   http://www.escrip.com/

3.      Set up an account and register your cards, or switch (or add) Portola Middle School.  eScrip Group ID – 145162830

4.      If possible, shop providers that support escrip.  If not, at some point, a few pennies will trickle into PTSA anyway.  We hope more than just a few!

5.      You will find a list on online  and brick and mortar merchants here:



Target Card- Take Charge of Education –  The Shopping Season is Coming!

And while you are at it….do you have a Target credit card?  Is Portola Middle School your recipient of Take Charge of Education Funds?  If not, make the switch today!  You do not need a computer.  The voice-activated system will lead you through.

How to do it:

1.      Get your Target Credit Card.

2.      Dial 1-800-316-6142

3.      Follow the instructions.

4.      Check your next statement to ensure Portola Middle School is the recipient of the funds!


Save the Date

Celebrate Portola is Coming!  Please join us for an evening of community, a celebration of our bands, great food and silent and live auctions!  Saturday, February 1, 2014, El Cerrito Community Center. Community members, parents AND YOUR CHILDREN are warmly welcome!  Ticket information and all the details coming soon!

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