Back-to-school Family Picnic

Everyone is invited!  Thursday, August 29th, 5:30- 7:30, Cerrito Vista Park, Picnic Area, which is located on the upper level of the park.  This park is (almost) directly across the street from Portola on Moeser.  We recommend you enter at the Avis Dr. entrance across from Prospect Sierra School.

$5.00 per person for pizza, salad, drinks and dessert. Come meet new friends and reconnect with old.

Can you donate a folding table?  Can you help set up? Email us at:

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One Response to Back-to-school Family Picnic

  1. Thank you to everyone who came and made the Back to School Picnic a successful event. It was so wonderful to see so many people and to meet new and old Portola faces. Thank you to so many who volunteered their effort, time and tables. Thanks especially to Leslie Reckler, our PTSA Vice President of operations, without her effort we would not have had the picnic. Thanks to Consolacion Ibarra for making all the tasty desserts. Thank you to Kara DeLa Paz, Patricia Hunt,
    Tammy Garretson, Kim Johnson, Patricia Hunt, Ameera, the students Aaron Moore, Lindsey Lam and Julia Class. Thank you for the tables the Torres family, Elaine Suess and Damien! Thank you to the teachers and Mr. Burnham who joined us!
    If we missed anyone please know that it was not intentional and that we appreciate every ones help and presence!

    Kathy Guarneri and the Portola PTSA

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