After School Chess

Berkeley_Chess_School_logoWe are proud to offer after school chess with the Berkeley Chess Club.  Classes start Wednesday, September 11-November 20th, 1:45-2:30 p.m.  $144 for 12 weeks. Chess is fun and can be learned quickly.  Studies have found that chess helps improve results in reading, science and math and produces growth in critical cognitive skills.  And, it is FUN!  The minimum class size is 10; maximum is 20.

Financial aid is available, usually ½ off.  Families are asked to volunteer for 3 hours in exchange, once per session.

Parents can get involved, too.  If a parent is willing to volunteer to always be there at the beginning of class to help take roll, they can have free tuition for one child.

The instructors are insured and fingerprinted.  Class will be at Portola.  Room TBD.  Sign up at

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One Response to After School Chess

  1. Chess in canceled. Unfortunately, there weren’t quite enough sign ups to hold the chess class (7 required). We will try again in the Spring.

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