El Toro Weekly 04/25/2013

Snacks for Hungry Test-Takers
California STAR tests are scheduled to be held on April 30-May 9. We need your help to organize snacks for the students on Monday, April 29 at 8:30 in Room 8. Please contact Evangeline Ireland at emireland@yahoo.com to get involved.

Yearbook orders
Yearbooks may be ordered at http://www.jostens.com or through the school office. They are $40 each.

Thank You
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the Spring Faire a success. Volunteers included: Sally Wagner-Foster (the fearless organizer of the event), Kara dela Paz (singlehandedly got the raffle going), Mary Schimda (the endless source of the prized clean stuff animals), Trish McDermott (still trying to figure out where you get all your energy!), Tre Curran and Michael Waxman (chefs for the day), Luisa Valiela, Cathy Whitenack, Peter Ireland, Cass Duggan, Manu Wong, Lina Wong, Andrea Dorn, Ching Hsiang Wang, Meg McHugh, Sonia Dunn-Ruiz, Katherine Meurer, Saidah Said, Elaine Suess, Natalie Page, Ella Chaqui, parents of GoPortola, Kathy Guerneri, Julie Brown, Harry Brown, Angela Marengo, Barbara Wansick, Romy Douglass, Rula Adranly, Ben Ragasa, Elaine Chu, Maggie Li, Debbie Marshall, Karen Veitch, Chris Novak, Diana Yamauchi, Eliana Navarrete, Fiona Grigg, Jeffrey Douglass, Jenny Parks, Yoko Morita, Kelly Whitney, Tammy Garretson. (Apologies if anyone’s name was forgotten or misspelled.)

Everyone is Invited
The PTSA will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, May 14, to close out the year and elect a new executive board. Band families will meet beforehand to elect new leadership. 8th grade parents will meet afterwards to finalize end-of-year activities.

The New Portola
A June 2 groundbreaking is planned for the construction of the new Portola at the site of the closed Castro elementary school. Time to be announced.

Congratulations to the winners of the Earth Day clean-up competition.

SAVE THE DATE! For the Wine and Cheese Party sponsored by GoPortola
Saturday June 1 from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm.
Wine and Cheese in a fabulous garden in Kensington. Enjoy wines perfectly paired with cheese. Don’t worry guys! They will also be serving beers and cheddars. The cost is $20 per person. Don’t miss the social event of the season!

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