Celebrate Portola Recap

Great fun had by all last Saturday.  The bands sounded good, the food and drinks were flowing and the bidding action exciting. The event earned Portola PTSA and Band Parents Group about $9000 gross.

Thank you to all the people who helped make the evening a success! There are many of you, if I miss your name, it was definitely unintentional and I sincerely apologize: Julie and George Yamashita, Faustine Malcampo and Jace Bartholoma, Frances and Miguel Chen, Marc Lajoie and Trish McDermott, Debbie Marshall, Leslie Reckler, Dennis Sakurai and Emily Moya, Sean and Felicia Robertson, Debbie Hayakawa-Wing, Manu Wong, Cass Duggan, Judy Chin and Jeff Walker, Cathy Chin, Natalie Page, Peter Degnan and Barbara McCormick, Andrea Dorn, Diana Yamauchi, Jenny Park, Craig and Tracey Kitaoka, Luisa Valiela, Julie Scully, Julie Brown, Damian Hayden, Emi Sherman, Jackie Lucas, Ying-Tsu Loh, Lori Klumb, Paulina Chotov, Tammy Garretson, Estella Sloan, Elaine Miyamori, Kim Saquing, Saidah Said, Chris Novak, Jensen Wong and Lianne Tsujimoto-Wong, Tre Curran, El Cerrito High School InterAct members, Leon Wong, Kevin Mahoney, Lucas Masch. THANK YOU!

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